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Securing Police Facilities


Police offices and buildings require a well thought out security concept. Staff must be able to work safely and sensitive areas must be protected. Whether it’s securing the reception desk, the armory, the holding cells or even the emergency exits, each department or section has its specific security needs and requirements that must be met.

Chartered Security Solution


The Buildings Agency is responsible for drawing up the security specifications and requirement for the federal police offices and buildings. A framework contract is used to charter various companies to provide the security solutions and services for several years. The security solutions chartered include camera surveillance, perimeter security, access control, burglar- and bulletproof joinery, etc. Security locks are of course also an important part of these solutions.

Robustness & Reliability


B&B Locks mainly supplies security locks for doors that must meet a RC3 resistance class. This mainly concerns perimeter or internal doors with a burglar-resistant function, which might have to comply with escape route standards as well. Combining safety and security is always a challenge! Our security locks are also used in the armories and cell doors. The armories are fitted with electric locks; the cell doors are currently still secured with mechanical locks. The robustness and reliability of our security solutions are properties that made us the security lock provider for the federal police.

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