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B&B Locks develops and assembles high-quality electrical and mechanical security locks. We secure properties and people in Belgium, Europe, and around the world. Our security locks are robust, reliable and suitable for intensive use. These are the principles used when we design, assemble, and test our security locks.

We have implemented our security locks in banks, prisons, airports, museums, embassies, psychiatric institutions, hospitals, laboratories. But more and more companies and industries are choosing our high security locks every day. Wherever a combination of access control and security is necessary, B&B Locks can add value to your safety needs.

A few decades ago, the focus in the lock sector was mainly on burglary prevention, securing your buildings and your goods. But today this has evolved to protecting the people in your buildings at all times. As a result, it is crucial to find the best balance between safety and security. Determining the correct door set configuration is crucial. At B&B Locks we are ready help you through this complex process of selecting the right lock type.

Lock Types & Configuration

We are here to help you to integrate the right lock type and configuration. Every door has its functionality.


Lock Manufacturing Process

Our efficient lock development and production process allows us to give you optimal service.



Our security locks and our production process are certified according to European standards.