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Next Generation Security Locks

Electrical security locks are the next generation security locks. There is a high demand for various types of access control:

  • Coded entry
  • Key card
  • Smartphone-operated
  • Biometric

Each of which needs an electric lock to secure the door. Electronic security locks eliminate the need for keys and the management thereof. They allow for access control capabilities to manage the flow of people and include automation features such as remote unlocking. Also, precise records of who is going in and out of a particular space and when, can be created. This is ideal for areas where sensitive information or valuable business assets are stored.

Electronic Lock Workings


As the name suggests, electronic security locks operate by an electrical current. While some electronic locks receive the power via a hard-wired connection, others are powered by an integrated battery, needing more frequent maintenance. Some are electronic cylinders; some are controlled handles. Some solutions can be combined with existing mechanical locks, others require a completely new installation. There are magnetic, motor driven and solenoid driven products, all with different properties. Some are fail-safe, others fail-secure or neither. Fail-safe means unlocked without power. Fail-secure, on the other hand is locked without power. A motor, however, stops wherever it is at the time of the power failure… you see, it can get tricky.
It is also extremely important to distinguish access control from security. They are two systems working together, but in both areas, you can find low quality products and high-end solutions. Make sure you get advised properly in order the get the right solution for your application.

Our Wide Range of Electric Lock Solutions


B&B Locks has developed a wide range of electronic lock solutions for various applications. Our electrical security locks are mostly used in situations where both access control and robustness are needed. Think about industries like police offices, banks, jewelry stores, prisons and airports. Also, schools, embassies and psychiatric hospitals are using our security locks. Based on our customer input and feedback, we constantly improve existing solutions and keep on developing new products. We also strive to work with partners in order to create certified concepts to be implemented in industry specific applications.

Our most popular models are:

  • A1B30SX-ASP
  • G1-2P / 48V-PNP

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