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Security Locks for People


Electrical fail-safe security locks will open if power is cut off or lost and are used on doors where people may exit freely in case of power failure or alarm. These types of locks are commonly implemented for exit doors or stairwell doors. Basically, these fail-safe locks ensures that no person will be in danger when a power outage or system failure occurs. In addition, these locks ensure that medical staff or first responders can get into the building. For this reason, fail-safe locks are generally not advised for doors required to protect equipment or assets, unless back-up power is provided.

No Matter The Circumstance, It Will Open


All our electrical security locks need to be connected to a power supply to function correctly. An impulse from the access control to the lock will unlock it and the lock will remain unlocked as long as the door is open. As soon as the door closes, the lock will detect its striker plate and the lock will lock immediately. Electrical locks that are fail safe will unlock if power is cut off or lost, allowing people to enter or exit through this door freely.

Our Fail-Safe Lock Solutions


When deciding on purchasing a fail-safe electronic lock, a factor to consider is would a power outage endanger lives? B&B Locks offers different fail-safe lock models, which include:

  • A1B35SA-ASP
  • A1-SA-ZD

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