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Lock Design For Security


When developing high security locks, B&B Locks has 4 pillars to drive the development process:

  • Customer demands
  • Market potential
  • Research and developments
  • Standards and norms

Our security lock manufacturing process starts with assessing the customer’s specifications and needs. After understanding the customers’ needs our R&D department creates a design and develops a working prototype. B&B Locks puts these prototypes through a series of internal and external tests to determine whether both functionality and durability standards are met. Clients and end-users are consulted and asked for feedback to identify possible improvements in our security lock design. 

High Quality Security Lock Assembly


After the working concept is approved, B&B Locks will go into production. Due to the complexity of each individual security lock piece, we outsource most of the manufacturing processes. We look for specialized suppliers for laser cutting, machining, investment casting, etc. Our solenoids are manufactured in France, for example. Our investment casting is done in Thailand. Most of the machining and laser cutting we have Belgian suppliers, but for some parts we go to Germany. Surface treatment is often done in the Netherlands. The complete assembly of our security locks is performed in our factory in Belgium.

B&B Locks is responsible for the whole assembly process, which is done manually with great attention for quality and control. The combination of a strong supplier network, years of machine shop experience and especially a skilled, dedicated and loyal workforce enables B&B Locks to provide a flexible and custom lock assembly solution that will guarantee that your security needs are met.

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