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Security At All Times With Fail-Secure Locks


Fail-secure locks automatically lock when power is lost. They ensure that inventory, equipment, and other sensitive or expensive assets remain safe and secure from intruders during power outages or system failures. Electrical fail-secure locks are useful for areas that need to be restricted at all times. These locks are often implemented in prisons, banks and areas where sensitive information is kept such as data centers.

Fail-Secure Lock Workings


All our electrical security locks need to be connected to a power supply to function correctly. An impulse from the access control to the lock will unlock it and the lock will remain unlocked as long as the door is open.  As soon as the door closes, the lock will detect its striker plate and the lock will lock immediately. Electrical locks that are fail-secure will remain locked if power is cut off or lost. These locks will keep the area secure from unauthorized entry. All our fail secure locks have a manual override by using a key. Some particular models also have a manual override on one side using a handle or push bar. These models are used for emergency exit applications.

Our Fail-Secure Lock Solutions


When deciding on purchasing a fail-secure electronic security lock, you’ll need to consider a few factors. For example, during a power outage, would an unlocked door put sensitive assets or expensive equipment at risk of theft? Should the door remain secured from both sides or from one side only? B&B Locks offers fail-secure locks suitable for a variety of applications, which include:

  • A1B30SX-ASP
  • A1B3517HE-ASP
  • G1-2P / 48V-PNP

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