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Securing quality of life


Forensic Psychiatric Center Antwerp is a treatment facility for admitted mental disorder patients, who committed a crime, but do not belong in prison. These patients need a high level of security. The treatment is focused on reducing any risk factors and minimizing relapses. In addition, Forensic Psychiatric Center Antwerp guarantees a high-quality life for the patient, such as living comfort, daily activities, and meals. The ultimate goal of the treatment is that the patient returns to society in a safe and responsible manner, or to less secure environment.

Wooden Security Door Locks


It is crucial that the patients are triggered as little as possible to avoid outbursts and other dangerous situations. For this reason, the more homely look wooden security doors were chosen for the interior doors, as opposed to the more aggressive looking steel doors. Of course, these wooden doors must meet the same security requirements. B&B Locks provided electrical one-point security locks, which anchor the door and the frame to one another. The electrical striker plate is built into the frame and not into the moving door leave. As a result of this, it was not necessary to install a wear-and-tear and sabotage-prone cable passage.

Electric One-Point Locks


The electric one-point security locks offer tremendous resistance for any breakouts. But at the same time allow the patients to operate their own door under certain conditions. In turn, the use of anti-ligature hardware ensures that patients cannot harm themselves.  For both the room doors and the passage doors, these security locks offer the advantage of very fast unlocking and locking, which ensures both security and convenience. Our security locks created a peace of mind for the various users, patients feel less trapped and health workers feel secure.

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