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Airport Security Chain


How many people pass through an airport every day? And imagine the number of bags carried around. If we think about it, it becomes evident that an airport is a high security sensitive area. Who is allowed to enter which zone and who is not? Various security companies are therefore involved in checking personnel, passengers and visitors. Also, millions of luggage and numerous vehicles are checked on a daily basis. For that reason, access control and security locks are an important part of the security chain of airports.

Measurements Bring Security


Security companies and system integrators create a watertight flow with access control points and reliable lock systems. Among other things, this includes license plate recognition, passport checks, physical screening, and facial recognition. This makes it possible to direct authorized personnel via a predetermined route Security locks are installed to control certain entrances and exits. This prevents passengers to end up in unauthorized areas. Knowing who is going where and at what time is critical in airport security.

Reliable Electric Locks


Security locks at airports must offer certain resistance to someone with bad intentions or kicking down a door. Reliability and feedback of these security locks are equally important however. Mechanical keys are passed and lost. With electric locks, the access control system tells you who opens which door at what exact time. The locks also permanently communicate their status and there is no need to worry about losing any keys. B&B has offered locks for decades, which have proven their reliability and durability, as well as the perfect combination of safety and security.

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