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Traditional Security Locks


Although B&B Locks specializes in electrical security lock solutions, we have developed a range of mechanical locks to complete our existing product range, mostly at the request of clients for specific applications. These locks are known for their robust construction and durability as well as their compatibility with our electric lock models.

Mechanical Lock Workings


Our mechanical locks are security locks, which are operated manually with a cylinder using a key. They are designed to have the same dimensions as the electric versions. They also offer similar resistance to physical aggression and burglary attacks.

Our Mechanical Locks


B&B Locks offers a limited range of mechanical security locks. The design often starts at a clients’ request for a specific project where our electric locks are already used. Based on our customer input and feedback, we develop custom-tailored working concepts. And some of these prototypes are put into production, which include:

  • G1M
  • B1-6022 PMX
  • A1M35SE-ASP

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