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B&B Locks combines innovation with industry experience to develop various lock types. Our R&D is continuously working on improving existing products and creating new solutions. Understanding our customers’ specific needs is crucial in this development of new working concepts. As a result, our security locks have been installed in doors for a wide range of industries, including prisons, airports, museums.

Depending on your security lock needs, we offer both electric and mechanical locks. Although our main focus goes to the electric security locking solutions, we added mechanical locks to complete our product range and fulfill all our customers’ needs. Electrical locks need a source of power to operate. They add automation features, access control and remote unlocking. Electrical locks are necessary for flow management – knowing exactly who can go where at what time and under which circumstances. Our mechanical locks are known for their robust construction and outstanding durability as well as their compatibility with our electric locks.

When choosing electric locks B&B Locks offers both fail-safe and fail-secure lock configurations. Both models need power to operate, but will react differently when the power fails. Fail-safe locks will unlock when there is no power. Fail-secure locks on the other hand will lock or remain locked when the power fails. An optional handle or push bar on the inside can add an emergency exit to a fail secure configuration.  Whatever your security and safety needs, B&B Locks will provide the right solution for you.

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