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In our opinion, it’s almost impossible for customers to base their decision solely on the product, no matter how good the product is. We believe that it is necessary to present concepts to the customer, and personalize them if necessary. After all, a security lock is part of a complete door assembly. The customer is only interested in the capabilities of the finished product. In addition, European directives try to bring clarity and consistency. However, these certifications are not always sufficiently geared to the customer’s needs.

With partnerships, open communication, and shared R&D, B&B Locks helps to develop concepts specifically tailored towards the customer or industry sector. After the finished security locks are delivered, B&B Locks provides high quality after sales support through a network of specialized partners for interventions in the most efficient, thorough, and sustainable way with a preference for plug-and-play. All repairs will come back to our own factory in order to carry out inspections and reparations by our qualified B&B Locks specialists.

FPC Antwerp

Forensic Psychiatric Center Antwerp is a treatment facility for admitted mental disorder patients, who committed a crime, but do not belong in prison. These patients need a high level of security. It is crucial that the patients are triggered as little as possible to avoid outbursts and other dangerous situations. For this reason, the more homely look wooden security doors were chosen for the interior doors, as opposed to the more aggressive looking steel doors.



Batopin (Belgian ATM Optimization Initiative) is a project to develop an optimal network of ATMs in Belgium. The banks that participate in this project are Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC. With the lock configurations of B&B Locks, the various cash point concepts can be equipped as desired, taking into account all the performance requirements.


Instelling De Grubbe

De Grubbe is a community institution for youngsters who have committed, or are suspected of having committed, a crime at the age of 14 to 20 years old. The doors of such an institution are severely attacked on a regular basis, so they need a different appearance and different characteristics.


Woonhaven Antwerpen

Woonhaven Antwerpen is a social housing cooperation that offers tenants well maintained affordable housing. Various security lock solutions were chosen for common entrance doors, bicycle racks, technical areas, etc.


Poort van Dendermonde

Poort van Dendermonde is a new prison, which will house 444 male inmates. Strict requirements for door concepts were set by the justice department. A good cooperation and coordination with door manufacturer Eribel was crucial. Cell doors, traffic doors and doors in the reception areas with high performance requirements were all equipped with our locks.