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New Prison in Dendermonde


The Poort van Dendermonde is a new prison, which will house 444 male inmates. The concept of the prison is innovative and in line with a humane and evolving vision of detention in which the preparation of the detainee for reintegration into society is central. Interbuild, in the BAM PPP consortium, got the DBFM (Design, Build, Finance & Maintain) contract. The design and engineering was done by Jaspers-Eyers and Beel Architects and VK Engineering and contributes to a good sense of orientation and stimulates a sense of community. The construction started on September 29, 2020 and is expected to be completed by October 2022.

Cooperation & coordination


Strict requirements for door concepts were set by the justice department. A good cooperation and coordination with door manufacturer Eribel was crucial. Cell doors, traffic doors and doors in the reception areas with high performance requirements were all equipped with our locks. Several door types with different security requirements and functionality demands were requested. In joint consultation with Eribel various security lock solutions were chosen and further developed by B&B Locks to meet these requirements.

3 different types of locks


For this project, B&B Locks supplied 1175 locks, divided over 3 different lock types. The G1-2P lock, a electromechanical security lock consisting of a mechanical lock in the door leaf and an electrical striker plate in the door frame, was mainly used. For some mechanically operated doors our G1M model, a mechanical security lock with a massive sliding bolt with cylinder and handle, was installed. Furthermore a new mechanical A1M35SE-ASP version was chosen for a number of technical doors in order to comply with all the requirements and demands set by the justice department.

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