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Belgian ATM Optimization Initiative

Batopin (Belgian ATM Optimization Initiative) is a project to develop an optimal network of ATMs in Belgium. The banks that participate in this project are Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC. The purpose of this initiative is safety and efficiency as well as financial inclusion. Cash must remain accessible to everyone. The distribution of money is a service and the Batopin network is open to any bank. With a bank-independent and neutral network of CASH points, Batopin wants to optimize access to cash in Belgium.

Creating a Secure ATM Network


Specifically, Batopin wants to offer 95% of the Belgian citizens a CASH point in less than 5 kilometers from their homes. After optimization according to local needs, taking into account mobility, commercial centers, accessibility, Batopin says it will reach 650 to 750 locations. This is sufficient to match the current coverage of the major banks’ ATM network. A number of specific concepts have been developed for the various cash points. For the locks securing these locations, Batopin chose B&B Locks because of the experience that the participating banks already had with our security lock solutions. The reliability and durability of our security locks play a vital role. In addition, a study has shown that the TCO of our locks is significantly lower compared to the locks of our competitors.

Bank ATM Security Solutions


The objective of Batopin is the realization of an optimal cash network in Belgium by the end of 2024. The first machines have been operational since September 2021. All ATM machines will be provided with the trusted brand name BANCONTACT. With the lock configurations of B&B Locks, the various cash point concepts can be equipped as desired, taking into account all the performance requirements.

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