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B&B Locks produces all its security locks in Wommelgem (Antwerp). We distribute our locks internationally from this central location. An experienced team of technical product designers develops our electronic locks (both the mechanical parts and the electronics). We have the components manufactured externally and then the B&B Locks team assemble, programme and test the locks. Manual assembly and thorough quality control ensure a high-quality lock.

Precision testing phase

After assembly, each lock goes through several stages:

  • Each lock undergoes a short duration test of 300 cycles.
  • Each electronic lock gets a unique signature. It contains information about the operating speed of the lock. That is how we detect any defects in electronic parts or excessive mechanical friction.
  • After approval, each lock receives a serial number linked to the production date, client and transportation information. If your lock ever suffers damage, we have immediate access to all the information from the test phase, which gives us the benefit of full traceability.
Complete security systems

B&B Locks goes further than simply developing and producing security locks. Thanks to extensive open collaboration with experienced distributors and processors, we try to provide tailored solutions for individual projects.

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