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A new competence center for fighting crime was recently built in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The Zurich Police and Justice Center (PJZ) allows the cantonal police, which are currently spread out over 30 locations, to be brought together with law enforcement authorities as well as the police and judicial prison.

The PJZ was created on the former area of ​​the Güterbahnhof in Zurich Aussersihl-Hard. Departments of the canton police, the public prosecutor’s office, and the penal system as well as the forensic institute, the Zurich police academy and parts of the compulsory measures court will be combined in the new building. The PJZ will provide about 2030 jobs in total. There are also 241 detention places for provisional arrests and pre-trial detention.

For the construction of the PJZ, cell doors with fire protection requirements were put out to tender. The B1 model from B&B Locks, which meets the technical and functional requirements needed for this project, was requested. The manufacturer of the cell doors had to prove fire test certification of their doors in combination with the B1 Lock.

BSW SECURITY, distributor and long time partner of B&B Locks, can be considered their extended arm in the Swiss market. “We offer advice, support, repair, and servicing for the entire B&B product range. We are very pleased with B&B Locks as a partner. B&B specializes in locks with the highest security requirements. The products are used wherever the highest demands are placed on quality and functionality. We have been using these products for decades in a wide variety of projects where they are used intensively. We have experienced that B&B Locks products have a performance record that is second to none.” says Jim Steiner, CEO of BSW Security.

Not only quality and durability are reasons for BSW Security to partner with B&B Locks. “B&B is always interested in optimizing its products and taking in to account the requirements of the Swiss or German-speaking market. For us, the open exchange, the trust, the agility, the flexibility from sales to development is unique. This unconditional support makes us smaller companies strong enough to hold our own against the big players. We are proud of our long-standing and trusting partnership with B&B Locks”, says Jim Steiner.

The B1 Lock is specifically intended for the Swiss market. If you want to receive the datasheet of the B1 Lock, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact B&B Locks.


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