New prison in Haren equipped with locks from B&B Locks (with video) – B&B Locks

The construction of the new prison in Haren has been completed. The planning of this project goes back to 2012, drawing up a master plan for a prison infrastructure with humane conditions. Many prisons in Belgium date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These prisons no longer meet today’s standards of comfort for both inmates and staff. In addition, they no longer fit in with modern insights regarding confinement and reintegration into society after confinement.

The design for the new Haren prison is based on the principle of a “prison village”, with a capacity for approximately 1,190 detainees. The result is therefore one large building, but several separate buildings, which are spread out over the site. The prison complex consists of a number of buildings with communal facilities (visiting rooms, workshops, a sports hall, etc.) as well as buildings where detainees will be housed. Detainees can move around the site in a secure and controlled manner.

G1 and A1 locks from B&B Locks

For this project, B&B Locks products have been used in several different areas (with the exception of cell doors).  Both electrical G1 locks (1400 pieces) as well as mechanical G1 locks (450 pieces) are used to secure compartment & traffic doors. Furthermore 150 electrical A1 locks were installed in doors in administrative environments.

The G1 locks are exceptionally robust.  They have a massive sliding bolt, which is thrown out for 40 millimeters. In the protruded state the bolt is secured by two electrically operated locking pins in the frame. This means that in the closed position the door leaf and door frame are anchored to each other, which is pretty unique. These G1 locks also have a quick release, which is a great feature in environments where doors are used intensively. They are also known for their reliability and durability.  The integration of these locks in Eribel doors result in top level security doorsets with a non-aggressive appearance.

Managing Director Jack Boeckx is proud of the achievements of the B&B Locks assemblage department. “They managed the production of this large number of locks perfectly and dealt with the increased workload with a smile. Great respect!”

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