New PCB in A1 lock extends power cable range from 25 to 300 meters – B&B Locks

Basic principles & constant product improvements

With over 35 years of experience in the R&D and assembly of electromechanical locks and accessories, B&B LOCKS has known its share of changes over time.  Although we really try to hold on to some major basic principles in our design, our developers are also continuously working on product improvements.  Most of which happen “behind the scenes” and are not even noticed by the end user.

Today, we want to share one of those changes with you, because it could be extremely useful to you in some applications.  In order for the locks to function flawlessly the correct voltage has to arrive at the lock.  It goes without saying that a reliable power supply (with the necessary current capabilities) and appropriate cable sections are required for this.  On top of that one needs to respect the length of cable between the power supply and the lock to avoid power dips.

Increased cable distance A1 lock

In order to be able to increase the distance from the power supply to the lock we have now integrated a power stabilization on the PCB inside the A1 lock. This allows us to use a 48V DC stabilized power supply (our ref. PWR2-48) and up to 300m of 1.5mm² power cable to the lock.  This is a major advantage in larger high security buildings, where contractors often do not have the possibility to install power supplies in secure areas in the proximity of the locks.

New electronics still compatible with previously manufactured locks

The new electronics stays compatible with previously manufactured locks.  The client is also still allowed to use the same 24V DC power supply as he is used to, but in that case remains limited to the maximum cable length of 25m (using a 1.5mm² power cable).  This is a great example of making an existent product more user-friendly without losing compatibility with previous models.

B&B LOCKS is proud to be able to realize these R&D projects with very competent developers working on their side.  We also want to thank our supplier Demival for their flexibility in their production unit, which made the smooth transition to this new hardware possible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact B&B Locks.


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