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B&B Locks develops and assembles high-quality electronic security locks for customers in Belgium, Europe and beyond.

Our locks protect buildings and people. They are robust, reliable and made for intensive use. Those are our guiding principles when designing, assembling and testing our security locks.

Our references include banks, prisons, airports, museums, embassies, psychiatric institutions, hospitals, laboratories, etc. An ever-increasing number of companies and individuals are also opting for the security we offer. Wherever you need a combination of access control and security, B&B Locks can offer you improved value.

B&B Locks

This website will help you to get to know about our company, technology and products. And, of course, you are always welcome at our showroom in Wommelgem, where we will be happy to show you the difference between our various models. Our demonstration wall offers you the opportunity to try our range of locks. That gives you an authentic experience and an impression of ​​how your actual installation might look.

Our security locks are available through our distribution network. Are you looking for a dealer near you or would you simply like more information? If so, please feel free to contact us!

B&B LOCKS: video A1 locks

B&B LOCKS: video G1 locks


The renovation of wing B in the Central Prison of Leuven is coming along great. Ready to install the first cylinders in the G1 locks.

Mon 2 October 2017

The new S5 locks are being installed in the prison "Flughafengefängnis" in Zurich (Switzerland).

Tue 5 September 2017

FPC (Forensic Psychiatric Centre) in Antwerp, with over 400 G1 locks, is receiving it's first patients.

Mon 21 August 2017

Security and protection

A few decades ago, the lock sector mainly focussed on burglary prevention, in other words, securing your buildings and goods. Today we are one step ahead. Because obviously you want to protect the people in your building at all times, also in case of calamities. It is a delicate search for the ideal balance between safety and security. Determining the exact functionalities of each doorset is of great importance.  Our B&B LOCKS team is ready to guide you through this process and help you choose the best lock for your application.

Would you like to learn more about our comprehensive range of security locks? Discover the A1 locks, B1 locks, D2 locks, G1 locks and T3 locks.
Or contact B&B Locks directly.

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A1 Locks

B&B Locks – Security Lock – The A1 Lock

The A1 is the most widely used and the most popular lock type in the B&B Locks range. The A1 is a superior quality electromechanical security lock. You have a choice of numerous models and applications.

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D2 Locks

B&B Locks – Security Lock – The D2 Lock

The B&B Locks D2 is a high-quality, mechanical, two-point lock. Thanks to its robust construction, the D2 lock offers a very high level of protection against burglary.

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T3 Locks

B&B Locks – Security Lock – The T3 Lock

The B&B Locks T3 is a robust, electromechanical, three-point lock that runs the full length of the door. This lock withstands extremely aggressive break-in attempts.

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B1 Locks

B&B Locks – Security Lock – The B1 Lock

The B1 is a high-quality electromechanical security lock. The B1 is the follow up to the M4, an electronic lock that we have already supplied to many Swiss prisons.

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G1 Locks

B&B Locks – Security Lock – The G1 Lock

We developed the G1 range for prisons and we have placed them in locations that demand extremely high levels of security.

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