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The A1 is the most widely used and the most popular lock type in the B&B Locks range. The A1 is a superior quality, electromechanical, security lock. You have a choice of numerous models and applications.

The advantages of the A1 lock include the following:
  • Thanks to its robust construction, the A1 lock is resistant to aggressive intrusion attempts and vandalism.
  • This security lock is modularly built, which means that repairs will cost you less.
  • A powerful electromagnet controls the locking parts. That makes the A1 lock very fast.
  • Frequent use does not pose any problem for this electronic lock. The reaction time remains optimal.
  • The security lock automatically locks as soon as the door closes. You can control access using a push button, card reader, code keyboard, fingerprint, etc. But what about a power failure? When electrical power fails, you simply unlock it with a key.
  • B&B Locks always has parts in stock for the A1 lock. And that means you can count on fast delivery.
  • The A1 lock has low power consumption thanks to the specially developed electromagnet.
  • The A1 lock complies with the legal standards for emergency and panic exits. The door-lever locks have certificates EN179 (emergency exit doors) and EN1125 (panic doors).
  • The A1 series comprises numerous models and applications. You can choose the solution that matches your wishes perfectly from our catalogue.
Tests passed with honours!

Do you know that the A1 lock has been officially tested several times and was always found safe? Let those tests be your inspiration and opt for absolute security.

  • Door manufacturers Eribel and Safos carried out a fire test that the A1 lock withstood exceptionally well.
  • The Ministry of Justice subjected the A1 lock to two twenty-minute, intrusion tests in a Meyvaert steel door.
  • Fincertif tested and approved the A1 lock in several doors and gave it the MBE3 certification for Belgian banks.

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